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Hello my beautiful bloggers! I just got back from vacation and I had such a great time! Being back at home, Portugal, was great! Getting to see all my family, friends, eat lots of food and a warmer weather.. oh it was nice! Well anyways beauty is the topic in here so not going out of topic I decided that this week I would write a combination of these two things I like – traveling and beauty!

So this week post I will share with you my Travel Beauty Essentials. Bare in mind that this will change from person to person, but I hope it gives you some ideas and makes your packing time shorter when it comes to the beauty section! So here are my must take beauty products anywhere you go!

1. Industrial-strength concealer boi-ing: great when those pimples or red marks show out of nowhere on your face. This amazing product will just cover it up!


2. Fake up: this one will not only hydrate your skin but it will also help hide dark circles below your eyes, so it is great to have if you are like me and always have circles below the eyes!


3. Dallas Blush: this one is a beautiful coloured blush that will help skin your face and give you a warmer tropical look.


4. They’re Real Mascara: this is an amazing mascara that I really recommend. The brush is great as its round in the edge and it will help you work the perfect eyelashes. It will also give you much bigger eyelashes. The package even comes with a smaller version of the product so it is really good for travelling!


5. Big Beautiful Kit Eyes: this is definitely a must have! Great for any color of eyes as it has very neutral earth colors it will give you prettier eyes in any situation.

download (1)

6. Hydrate lipstick: finally something for your lips. Benefit has this amazing lipstick that will not only give you a pretty, discrete colour but it will also keep your lips hydrated, which will protect your lips whatever the climate you’re travelling to, hot or cold.


These are my essentials that I always take with me anywhere I go, and as you probably can tell by now, I am a big fan of Benefit, but most of these products you will be able to also find in other brands’ collections.

Have a beauty-full week!

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