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Preparing for your Valentine’s Day date is always a toughie which raises an abundance of questions. What to wear? Flats or heels? Hair curled or straightened? Style of makeup? What shade of lipstick? Less or more? However, we all want to look our best and catch our admirer’s attention. Here are some quick suggestions that are bound to be a hit on your date…

The Seductive Smokey eye!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 15.07.24

How amazing does Kim K look with blue eyes!

Ok, so we have all seen the “Smokey eye’” a thousand times, but there are so many different variations and colour options for this look that makes it appropriate for any kind of outing from romantic meals to coffee and cake with your bestie. If it’s the romantic meal you’ll be attending I would opt for the typical charcoal Smokey eye, particularly if you have blue eyes! You can apply this subtly or more intensely either way it looks great!


There are a range of colours that could be used. The typical charcoal grey looks great and is a classic look. Darken on the outer corners in order to create a feline look and sculpt into points at the ends. There are numerous Youtube videos you can view and you will master creating this look in no time!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 15.06.34

However, to create an individual twist you could use purple shades. Use pale and lilac shades for a daytime date, or darker purples for the evening, creating a fantasy gothic type look. Navy and Blue shades also create a lovely alternative to the typical grey smokey eye and look stunning if you have green or brown eyes.



If you have a very fair complexion you could opt for a beautiful bronze/brown and gold themed smoky eye paired some nude Or pink shades of lipstick and some bronzer to give a summery and incredibly feminine look. However you could go all out classic and opt for your favourite red lipstick! Statement eyes and statement lips!


Mac Lipstick in Brave Selfridges – £15.50

There are so many shades of red lipstick. Reds with orange undertones look amazing with a copper coloured eyelid and dark or blue toned reds give a seductive look, drawing attention to kissable lips! I would recommend Brave by M.A.C for a lovely darker toned red lipstick.


Casual Date Makeup Idea


If you’re going for a coffee or the cinema or having your special date together during the day, you will obviously still want to look your best, yet still catch your companions eye!

Why not try a pop of colour, swapping your usual black eyeliner for a coloured waterline or trying a burst of colour on the eyelids! Pair it with a more subtle lipstick, such as a pink or nude shade, or  if you feel confident enough, pair with a bright lip for a fun look that shows your personality!

Barry M Dazzle Dust
Boots – £4.59

I would recommend Barry M Dazzle Dusts. These are perfect for achieving this look and offer a fabulous range of colours! There are 60 shades to choose from covering both neutral and bright colours. They are a pearlised powder and so give a sparkly sheen to the makeup and can also be used on the cheeks and lips And can be purchased from Superdrug and Boots for £4.59. Although this may seem pricey for the amount of product you get, the product is highly pigmented so it only takes a small amount of it to create an intense and highly colourful look.

Bonus Tip


White eyeliner in the water line will highlight your eyes and make them pop!

Hope you find these tips useful. Try them out and you’re sure to impress your other half. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day date.

Featured image from Jhoana Tamayo

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