• Is It Really PhotoReady? Revlon Photoready Mascara Review

    Revlon has never been a brand I have jumped to a lot. After hearing about a few of their killer products I decided to test out a mascara. As their foundations just don’t work with my skin. I picked up the Revlon Photoready Mascara. Now I am a lover of big lashes, they help to […]
  • Milani Cosmetic Lipstick and Makeup Haul!

    Hi! Ok, so I’m sure many of you have heard of Milani Cosmetics. Milani is a cosmetic and beauty company that has everything from face makeup, lipstick, to nail color. These products are found usually within your local drugstores and they are great for every skin type and tone. I recently went to my local drug store and purchased a […]
  • St. Patrick’s Day is here! Top 5 Eye Makeup Looks

    I am so excited!! St. Patrick’s Day is here a almost here and for the first time I will get the chance to properly celebrate! Back home, in Portugal, St. Patrick’s is a day that we don’t really celebrate. However, this year I am flying to Dublin to celebrate it in the most traditional way […]
  • 8 Dupes for Flawless Make-up on a Student Budget

    We all want to look our best, and of course being able to afford high end make-up would be lovely, but unfortunately, for a lot of us, especially students, these select products are just far too expensive. However, don’t lose hope, i’m a firm believer that there are many products out there that are far […]
  • 6 Must Haves Beauty Items for Your Travels

    Hello my beautiful bloggers! I just got back from vacation and I had such a great time! Being back at home, Portugal, was great! Getting to see all my family, friends, eat lots of food and a warmer weather.. oh it was nice! Well anyways beauty is the topic in here so not going out of […]