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Bold in your face lip products aren’t for everyone,They’re very daunting and not very practical.I find when I wear any bright/bold lipsticks I’m forever checking my reflection in case its smudged or bled into the skin which isn’t a pretty look! So here my top 3 affordable nude shades that are perfect for everyday wear.

MAC velvet teddy

This lipstick is a matte finish with subtle pinky brown hues,very long lasting even after eating and drinking.Glides on the lips so smooth and creamy like a lip balm but soon turns matte once dried.Perfect shade for work or classes as you feel and look dolled up but its not in your face like some other nudes ( or look like foundation lips ).Also this lipstick has a very 90’s vibe which is currently in right now!

L’OReal Paris colour riche lipstick nude hint of pink

Firstly what a mouthful the name of that lipstick eh?! Anyway this lipstick is a very pinky nude.If you dislike matte then this is may be for you as it’s very sheer and almost lipgloss like, it applied like a dream though! I felt like I didn’t even need a mirror because it the formula is very creamy. The colour is beautiful and compliments my pale skin but because its not matte or a stain lipstick I personally feel like I do have to do top ups through out the day as it does disapear after eating etc but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Max factor lipfinity longwear lipstick,pearly nude

This lip product actually comes in a set of two,one being your lip stain and the other being your lip coat.Firstly i’ll talk about the lip stain, The colour is almost like a creamy brown nude but because its so shiny you do see undertones of pinks.The product comes in like a lip gloss bottle and you apply it the same way only once it dries it turns into a stain on your lips,which admittedly is verrrrry drying and chapped feeling but once it has dried you then apply the top coat which comes in a twisty tube.The top coat formula is a clear base with no smell or taste but it gives out a lot of moisture and shine so the end result does look very stunning.I would also use the top coat on other lipsticks too! As you are getting more for your money that way.The product all in all lasts a long time and really makes my lips look plump but natural.

So there you have it,my top 3 nude lip products all ranging in prices but all are very purse friendly.

Featured image: Nadia Martinez

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