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Hi! Ok, so I’m sure many of you have heard of Milani Cosmetics. Milani is a cosmetic and beauty company that has everything from face makeup, lipstick, to nail color. These products are found usually within your local drugstores and they are great for every skin type and tone. I recently went to my local drug store and purchased a number of their products. In my video I talk about what I purchased, give my honest opinion of them and also give some swatches. Below I have listed the products that I purchased as well as the lipstick swatches and my #motd using Milani Cosmetics. Enjoy!


The four lipsticks I purchased were Orange-Gina, Naturally Chic, Teddy Bare, & Violet Volt. You can see these below swatched on my skin. These lipsticks are very creamy and long lasting. I love how pigmented they are! I would definitely recommend you check them out!



I purchased one single eyeshadow, the foil eyeshade quad, and mascara. The Bella Teal eyeshadow is a powdery shadow that is super pigmented.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 23.32.23


The foil eyeshine quad is rather new, and I have somewhat mixed feeling about it. I love the shiny colors that just pop on the skin. However, the rubber applicator is not very handy. These shadows apply much easier with your finger. They also do tend to crease so using a very good primer is important (I would recommend Urban Decays Primer Potion!).


The runway lash mascara is great! It has very spaced out bristles on the brush that allow for easier control and no clumping. Definitely a great drugstore mascara!

Final Look

This is my complete look using all drugstore products except for my foundation. I used my Nars sheer glow foundation with the eyeshine palette, runway lashes mascara, and teddy bare lipstick.

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