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With Valentine’s Day coming up I decided to do a small collection of gift ideas for her! So guys take note. If you haven’t found anything yet, I will show you some easy and very affordable ideas that are guaranteed to make her smile! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is your chance to capture your crush or girl friend’s attention with a Valentine’s beauty treat. Here are my recommended gift ideas from the stores The Body Shop and Lush.

1. From The Body Shop: in the ATLAS MOUNTAIN ROSE collection I recommend the SHOWER GEL (£6.50) and the amazing BODY BUTTER (£13), together only £19.50!

Click for enlarged viewClick for enlarged view

2. From The Body Shop: in the JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM collection there is the PERFUME OIL (£7) and the FRAGRANCE MIST (£7.50)

Click for enlarged view Click for enlarged view

3. From Lush: Massage Bar for £5.50/45g

4. From lush: this fabulous gift pack with a bit of everything and only for the total cost of £26,50.

5. From lush: this super nice heart shape body bath are a must have on Valentine’s Day! Price is £6.95 each.

6. From Lush: Last but not least, The Kiss Lip Gloss, so soft and creamy, it will leave your lips hydrated and irresistible! Each costs £5.75

Hopefully one of these gift ideas will be sure to put a smile on the face of your crush significant other.

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