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I am always looking for the cheaper alternatives in beauty. The products that are good quality and leave you with an extra bit of money left in your pocket. I feel like the drugstores aren’t really bringing anything new at the moment so I decided to look online at what there was and I came across Miss A.

Miss A is an american beauty website which offers a variety of products, for the price of $1 seriously $1! (equivalent to £0.72.) As the website has brand such as L.A Colours I decided to pick up a few things to try. Now the one thing I will say it be careful when ordering the products, they don’t have swatches available so definitely do a quick search online at the swatches of the products.

L.A Colors Lipliner Pencil in Nutmeg


I have really been getting into lipliners recently so I decided to pick up two from L.A Colors the first one in the shade Nutmeg. As I am trying to wear my darker lips a bit more rather than always just going for the basic nudes I wanted to get some lipliners to go with them. Nutmeg is this quite dark almost brown shade that I am planning to use slightly over MAC fastplay just to add a bit of definition to my lips as that does have a dark almost maroon color to it. The lipliner is fairly pigmented and does stay on my lips for about 2/3 hours before I need to reapply it. I wouldn’t say that this is the best lipliner from the drugstore that I have tried but for $1/£0.72 you can’t really go wrong.

L.A Colors Lipliner Pencil in Natural


This shade is slightly lighter and more of a mauve color. I have found that there isn’t really much difference between most of their shades but I would probably try and use this with Kiko Rebel Romantic Lipstick in 01 as that is slightly more of a mauve tone. Again the pigmentation is okay and it lasts reasonably well. I wouldn’t say that I have been blown away from these lipliners as I was expecting them to be lighter shades but I can definitely work with these.

The Creme Shop Aloe Vera Sheet Mask


I am a lover of face masks, my collection is constantly growing and growing. After seeing the sheet mask craze go big I decided to finally test some out. As I have problematic skin with a lot of redness I wanted to see if this mask infused with Aloe Vera would help to settle my skin. I found that this was seriously wet. Which is good in a sense as it means this will have plently of product that will be absorbed by my skin but I found this this was too wet. It made my skin feel weird and the amount of times this slipped off I can’t even count. I noticed that this did help my skin out a bit but I feel like the product just needs to lose some of the product first for it to be a real hit with me.

Now they are just some of the bits I picked up from Miss A I hope you do go on there and at least have a look. There is one product from the website that I have fell in love with and will be sharing with you all soon so stick around.

Until next time, Chloe!

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