• Running late? Here’s How To Find your makeup easily!

    Sometimes I’m running late for work or college and I don’t have time to look for a specific concealer or mascara. Here I am with some tips for you, I think can help you save a little time and be more organized. Let’s get started. Cosmetic Bag Choose a little cosmetic bag you can take […]
  • Makeup Ideas for your Valentine’s Day Date

    Preparing for your Valentine’s Day date is always a toughie which raises an abundance of questions. What to wear? Flats or heels? Hair curled or straightened? Style of makeup? What shade of lipstick? Less or more? However, we all want to look our best and catch our admirer’s attention. Here are some quick suggestions that […]
  • All About Eyebrows; How to Get Great Looking Brows

    Eyebrows are such a fundamental feature and yet consistently seem to get overlooked in the every day girl’s beauty routine. Eyebrows help to define your face and enhance your features; they create symmetry and can lift your entire face. Eyebrows have undoubtedly been the ‘it-thing’ amongst celebrities for a while now – model Cara Delevingne […]
  • An Orange Lipped Summer; Some Mac Lipsticks to Make You Pop

    Lipsticks to me are worth paying money for. Especially ones that stay on and don’t smudge and my latest two that I’ve been very happy with are from Mac Cosmetics. After watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on repeat, I noticed Kourtney Kardashian sporting orange lipstick and it looked amazing. And the best part is […]
  • How to Make Your Makeup Heat-Proof For The Summer Heatwaves

    We’ve been experiencing some crazy heat waves this past week and when the weather heats up, the last thing you want to deal with is your make-up running off your face. Luckily, the new wave of waterproof products are highly effective and utterly gorgeous: Primer If you’re set on wearing foundation even when it does […]
  • St. Patrick’s Day is here! Top 5 Eye Makeup Looks

    I am so excited!! St. Patrick’s Day is here a almost here and for the first time I will get the chance to properly celebrate! Back home, in Portugal, St. Patrick’s is a day that we don’t really celebrate. However, this year I am flying to Dublin to celebrate it in the most traditional way […]
  • Some Makeup Tricks To Help Create The Illusion Of A Slimmer Face

    If there is something I do not do is leaving my make up box lonely for a long time and aside from my daily make up routine sometimes I like to play around a bit and experiment with new things. After doing some reading for inspiration I decided to try some ways to make my face […]
  • Say No To The Clown Look! How To Bring The Sexy With Red Lipstick

    If there is something I really like seeing but never knew how to correctly use it’s red lipstick! I love the way it looks! So sexy, confident and feminine but to exude this impression it needs to be done in the right away! When done wrongly it has the opposite effect, giving the perfect clown look! I myself used […]
  • 4 Top Tips For Your Beach Make Up This Summer!

    Summer is coming, so before you get yourself out on the beach here are 4 must remember tips for your beach make up. After these tips I promise you will look stunning and be ready to go enjoy the sun, sea and sand with all the confidence in the world! 1 – Avoid the use […]