• 10 Essential Tips When Applying Your Makeup!

      Recently after a random burst of semester two motivation, I decided I would attempt to actually read the books on the suggested reading lists at uni! One of the books suggested was the ‘Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Professional’. I have to say this is most definitely worth a read and […]
  • 8 Dupes for Flawless Make-up on a Student Budget

    We all want to look our best, and of course being able to afford high end make-up would be lovely, but unfortunately, for a lot of us, especially students, these select products are just far too expensive. However, don’t lose hope, i’m a firm believer that there are many products out there that are far […]
  • 6 Must Haves Beauty Items for Your Travels

    Hello my beautiful bloggers! I just got back from vacation and I had such a great time! Being back at home, Portugal, was great! Getting to see all my family, friends, eat lots of food and a warmer weather.. oh it was nice! Well anyways beauty is the topic in here so not going out of […]