• Makeup Ideas for your Valentine’s Day Date

    Preparing for your Valentine’s Day date is always a toughie which raises an abundance of questions. What to wear? Flats or heels? Hair curled or straightened? Style of makeup? What shade of lipstick? Less or more? However, we all want to look our best and catch our admirer’s attention. Here are some quick suggestions that […]
  • Milani Cosmetic Lipstick and Makeup Haul!

    Hi! Ok, so I’m sure many of you have heard of Milani Cosmetics. Milani is a cosmetic and beauty company that has everything from face makeup, lipstick, to nail color. These products are found usually within your local drugstores and they are great for every skin type and tone. I recently went to my local drug store and purchased a […]
  • St. Patrick’s Day is here! Top 5 Eye Makeup Looks

    I am so excited!! St. Patrick’s Day is here a almost here and for the first time I will get the chance to properly celebrate! Back home, in Portugal, St. Patrick’s is a day that we don’t really celebrate. However, this year I am flying to Dublin to celebrate it in the most traditional way […]
  • Eyeliner Magic: insider secrets you never knew

    We’re redefining eyeliner as it’s no longer just for eyes. Probably the most versatile thing that you’ll have in your make-up bag, there’s so much we’re sure you never thought of doing with it. So here’s the by-no-means-definitive list of why you should be running down the shops to buy yourself a veritable rainbow of […]
  • Eye Makeup Tips for Those That Wear Glasses

    Even though now I wear my contacts, for many years I used to wear glasses. I have to be honest and say I never liked it much (at all!) and for me contacts were such a great option! Still I remember when I started to use glasses at the beginning I would always struggle to find […]
  • 5 Beauty Treatments You Can Use While You Sleep

    If you are anything like me, sleep may be one of your favourite activities of the day! Now imagine being able to combine sleeping and taking care of yourself at the same time, wouldn’t that be great? Well to all Auroras out there I have some good news – we can totally do it and […]