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The perfect summer look should be about easy, carefree beauty rather than layers of heavy make-up. However the all-natural look can sometimes be fairly painstaking, especially when it comes to achieving perfectly glowing skin. Below are some easy steps to get that gorgeous summer glow so that you can stop worrying about make-up and start enjoying your summer – whilst still feeling pretty confident that your skin looks great!


You Are What You Eat

A cliché perhaps, but true nonetheless, and especially for your skin. What you put into your body directly affects how your skin looks and if you’re living off of fast food and iced coffees, chances are, this is going to show on your skin. Try eating fruits full of antioxidants such as blackberries and pomegranates as well as foods which are rich in fatty acids like avocados and nuts. If you fuel your body in the right way, your skin will undoubtedly glow.


One of the biggest differences you can make to your skin is by increasing the amount of water you drink. This is so fundamental for keeping your body healthy and by increasing your intake of water, you are ensuring that your skin (your body’s largest organ) will function properly and look clear and hydrated a result.

Bronze up – the safe way

Whilst it’s tempting to lie out in the sun all day long when it’s nice weather, it’s important to protect your skin with adequate sun protection. Look for a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 and try to apply anywhere that your skin is exposed, particularly your face, neck and shoulders. Top up any colour you do get from the sun with self-tanner or a bronzing moisturiser – looks just as good without the risk of long-term sun damage or that tell-tale red skin…


Possibly the most underrated beauty product, highlighters have the potential to change your entire look. Apply on the top of your cheekbones, around the eye in a ‘C’ shape; on the bridge of your nose, on the brow bone and a little on your cupid’s bow (just above your lips). The effect will be subtle but gorgeous – making your skin catch the light in the most flattering places. Benefit and Sleek both do excellent versions.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Switch to a lighter formula cover-up for summer to let your skin breathe. A Tinted Moisturiser is great option for evening up your skin tone without looking too heavy. Or, if you’re confident enough, just stick with a concealer to hide any imperfections – for a luxury option, try RMS’s Un Cover-Up which actually heals the skin as it conceals.

RMS Beauty Cover Up
Cult Beauty – £28

For a hint of colour, opt for cream blushes which look more natural in the sun. ELF Studio Cream Blushes are fantastic value for money and give the prettiest glow to the skin.

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