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With money sometimes being tight, and more money being spent on nights out than you could ever imagine. It can have a real strain on your skin. I have created a skincare set that will help your skin from the breakouts, dryness, and any other problems that come in its way.

The cleanser

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Tesco – £2.66

Now I myself never really have that much time for facial washes. It can take a bit too much time and if I’m running late it’s the last thing I want to do. Instead I’ve been converted to the micellar water life. One that has changed the game for me is the Garnier Micellar Water this is a little pricey at £3.99 for 400ml but it normally is on offer (it is currently only £2.66 in Tesco.) And with you getting 400ml you won’t be using it all up straight away.

The Moisturiser

Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Cream
Tesco – £1.99

For moisturiser it’s another from Garnier, it is their Moisture match. Again priced at £3.99 (but again on offer at Tesco for £1.99.) There are 5 different types of moisturisers to choose every skin type. From the oily to the dry to even just normal skin or if you are in need of that radiant glow. All of their moisturisers skin in smoothly leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth all day and night. For me the Mattifying one is perfect as it helps to reduce my oiliness, and from just not using it one day I can already see the difference straight away. This has become my holy grail moisturiser not just for the quality but the price as well.

The Care Gel

For acne, I have been a huge lover of the Holland and Barrett’s Aloe Vera Gel. I find that my spots don’t go that quick with whatever spot treatment but if I can reduce the redness and appearance of them then I’ll happily take that. This gel helps to cool my spots, if you apply a bit of this over your spots and go to sleep. You’ll wake up and the redness will have been reduced massively. And for 100ml for £3.99 you won’t be using it up quickly. And as a lot of the time, Holland and Barrett have their penny sale where you get a second item for only a penny so you might as well stock up whilst you can.

Another bonus is that you can use this as an eye cream as well, applying a little bit under your eyes every night helps to reduce bags under your eyes. Keeping you looking fresh and awake on those days when it’s the complete opposite.

This is just a few of the items that I have kept in my kit for the past few months. I will also be sharing my beauty survival kit with you all soon

Until next time, Chloe!

Image: Mark Panado

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