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How many times have you had to choose between refilling your premium skin-perfecting moisturiser or getting that new gorgeous top? As students, there never seems to be enough money to dress well with the trends and keep your beauty regime at the highest standard. With a little creativity and a spot of shopping around, you can pick up that new, incredible high-end lipstick for the same price as that tacky own-brand one .



Fashion mags often have free samples or gifts. Cosmo, Glamour, Company, Marie Claire… the list goes on. Chances are you probably already read one of them. From time to time they all include a free gift with their magazine, which is often some phenomenal mascara, an actually chip-resistant nail polish or a beyond fantastic moisturiser. Take a look in the newsagents each month and see what’s attached to what. Buy the mags with anything you want to try attached, and if you see anything you like stock up! Glamour had this incredible makeup range as freebies last year; I bought 10 copies at £2 each, resulting in well over £100 worth of beyond great makeup.



eBay is great as long as you know what you want, whether that’s a specific product or a brand in general. With so many ways to get hold of samples and miniatures, and so many people getting unwanted beauty gifts (now is such a great time to look), people are always selling and taking a much lower price than the actual value. Just make sure it’s a sealed, new package, because thrifty turns trampy if there’s a chance someone’s already used it.



Take out a Glossybox subscription. For the unbelievably low price of £10 (plus postage), Glossybox send you 5 premium products each month in adorable packaging. It’s not great if you want specific products, but for a taster selection that could take you by surprise, it’s amazing. Also anything that you love you can hunt down on eBay at a greatly reduced price. The best facial cleanser I’ve ever found came through them. If only I had written down the name before I threw out the empty tub!

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