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Illamasqua’s speckled eyeliner look was produced as part of their Imperfection collection and is a makeup look that has really caught my attention. It is a unique and interesting twist to your everyday black eyeliner, drawing attention to your eyes. This look gives a creative and fun factor to your make-up and is not hard or time consuming to achieve at all!

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This look is a great conversation starter, I always receive compliments whenever I wear it, even being stopped in the street by strangers asking me how I did it!. The beauty of this look is that it is so versatile; it can be made subtle and suitable for everyday wear, or made completely over the top and dramatic. A range of colours can be used to create the speckled look! No matter how you decide to vary and change this look it always looks unique and will make people believe you possess some serious makeup skill!! Even if you don’t!

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This look can only really be achieved to a high standard using liquid eyeliner, trust me, I’ve tried it with pencils and it does not work! It just looks rubbish; the speckles don’t appear clean and crisp and it ends up looking like splodges of random colour on your eyelids.

Your preferred black liquid eyeliner is fine for this look, however I would definitely recommend Illamasqua precision ink liners particularly for creating the speckled look. The liners come in a range of colours, including Scribe which is white, Abyss which is black, Glister which is a light brownish colour, Wisdom which appears to be a slight green shade online and Havoc which appears to be a dark purple, and finally Alchemy which Is a beautiful gold colour, precision inks are priced at £18:00 singularly and a speckled liner bundle is also available for purchase from the Illamasqua site containing two precision inks in Scribe and Abyss for £30.

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How to Apply:

 Firstly apply your eyeliner in the way you normally would, however make it slightly thicker than usual.

 Apply the speckles in any colour you wish; the beauty of this look is you can vary how it is applied. You may wish to make the speckles more polka dot like or more like dashes! Its up to you! Get experimenting!

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I would recommend investing in some of the Precision inks should you wish to create this look. The shape of the applicator makes it really quick and easy to achieve and the products have amazing staying power and do not run! I’ve personally experienced these liners withstanding a hot shower! In fact, I found they take some time to completely remove, which may be seen as a down side, but makes them perfect for a night out!

Have fun creating your own take on this fabulous look!

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