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Valentines day is soon approaching, as a single person I will be obviously awaiting the tower of cards to be flying through my door. Or most likely waiting for my friends to be sending me the joke valentines cards which have become a ritual now for us.

Either way we can all agree that having a little lush product every now and then is never a bad thing, unless it awkwardly turns your skin pink (points for reference there). After spending a bit of time eyeing up every bath bomb they had in the shop this one got me instantly.

I am a lover of sweet things, desert over starters that sort of thing. As I walked past this bath bomb in its little box I was hit with this Terry’s chocolate orange scent. So no surprise that I was already hooked on this. After reading about it in the little description and having the kind staff which are honestly some of the most helpful and polite people you will meet (a rare thing in Manchester might I add.) Explain all the benefits and the main reasons behind this bath bomb I was already in love.

The ingredients

This bath bomb is filled with orange, vanilla, and cocoa which blend together to create this perfect scent that lasted with me whilst I walked round the store and carried on shopping. When I finally got round to using this I wasn’t disappointed.

Is It Really A Lover Bath Bomb?

It seems to be a lot faster at working and ‘getting going’ compared to some of the other bath bombs I have tried. Sticking with the Valentines theme this produces tiny confetti hearts that spread all around your bath creating this cute look already. At this point you can already smell the vanilla coming through.


After effects

The bath bomb also has quite a few big hearts around the outside of the bath bomb, these are little pockets of that are filled with that chocolate orange scent that after the bath bomb has fizzed swirl round your bath. Now I wouldn’t have known this unless I had been shown in the shop but the hearts act as a tiny moisturizer/body balm that you can rub into the skin. Leaving your body feeling soft and smooth.

The thing that I love the most about this is that the scent stays with you for the rest of the day. Alright I love the bath bombs and what they do when I’m there in the bath but for the price they are having even just the scent still with you afterwards just helps to justify the cost.


These are limited edition and are part of their Valentines Day range priced at a reasonable £3.95 which I was quite surprised at this is the average price for most of their bath bombs. With it being limited edition I would’ve expected it to be a bit more pricey but I won’t complain.

However, because this is a limited edition thing these sadly won’t be around forever but if you are interested in trying one of these I suggest you get at least one just so you can at least try them out. If you do manage to try one out tell me how it goes and even give suggestions on other products I should try.

          Until next time, Chloe!

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