• The Student Skincare Survival Kit

    With money sometimes being tight, and more money being spent on nights out than you could ever imagine. It can have a real strain on your skin. I have created a skincare set that will help your skin from the breakouts, dryness, and any other problems that come in its way. The cleanser Now I […]
  • Here’s How You Can Get Premium Beauty Products at Student Prices

    How many times have you had to choose between refilling your premium skin-perfecting moisturiser or getting that new gorgeous top? As students, there never seems to be enough money to dress well with the trends and keep your beauty regime at the highest standard. With a little creativity and a spot of shopping around, you […]
  • 10 Essential Tips When Applying Your Makeup!

      Recently after a random burst of semester two motivation, I decided I would attempt to actually read the books on the suggested reading lists at uni! One of the books suggested was the ‘Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Professional’. I have to say this is most definitely worth a read and […]
  • 6 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts For Her, From The Body Shop and Lush

    With Valentine’s Day coming up I decided to do a small collection of gift ideas for her! So guys take note. If you haven’t found anything yet, I will show you some easy and very affordable ideas that are guaranteed to make her smile! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is your chance […]
  • My Beauty Routine for Flawless Skin

    About a year ago, just like many people, I was having problems with acne. I decided to see a skin doctor and ever since then my skin has been much better and free from acne. I therefore decided to share some products you may want to try if you are going through the same problem […]
  • Some Magical Uses of the Versatile Beauty Product Vaseline

    I am sure you are all familiar with Vaseline. On the surface it seems like a fairly boring and mundane product, but actually the opposite is true. Vaseline is in fact a must have for your beauty collection. Scroll down and discover the wonders of this smooth and gentle product. Great for your lips Vaseline […]
  • Khadi UK

    Set up by sisters Annabell and Semone Lamba in 2008, Khadi UK is the sole distributor of Khadi products in the UK, though it is a household name in India like our beloved L’Oreal or Neutrogena here. Annabell and Semone both studied Law at the University of Birmingham, though Annabell’s entrepreneurial spirit from her joint […]