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I love lipstick. I love how it makes an outfit pop and I love bright colours such as reds and pinks. However, what annoys me about it is that the colour always tends to bleed from the lip to the skin, making it look like its smudged. I then asked myself, would it be different if I buy a more expensive brand?

Illamasqua have good ratings and I’ve been told that ‘it’s pretty good and once it’s on it’s hard to budge.’ Even though this does sound promising, I was still a little unsure as £16.50 is a lot of money to spend on a lipstick. This was when I turned to expert advice.

Fred Letailleur, makeup artist at Yves Saint Laurent did a live question and answer with feelunique.com and I was lucky enough to get to ask him his advice for keeping lipstick firmly in it’s place. His answer was as follows:

‘The old fashioned way to set your lipstick in position is to either use a lip primer or a lip pencil as a base before application. Alternatively, you can also try the revolution in lip formula that is YSL Vernis a Levres, which is a cross between a lipstick, a gloss and a stain. It will provide you with 8 hour hold and keep your lips hydrated. The applicator will allow you a precise definition of your lip outline. You can also apply a second or third layer and build up the coverage and lasting power. Have fun!’

So there you go! I think I’ll try the old fashioned way first, just to cut costs but YSL do have fabulous lipstick reviews so maybe I’ll save up for one! What will you do?

Natalie x

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