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This week and next week I will be focusing on lipstick shades for winter! This week I will be looking at 3 high-end shades and next week I will feature 3 budget-friendly lippies. Everyone’s a winner.


For my high-end choice I plumbed for Mac (all lipsticks mention retailed at £15.50). I am obsessed with Mac lipsticks to the extent they are almost running my finances. Their formula is exquisite and they pack some serious staying power. The 3 shades I have picked are stables for my winter makeup bag and are as reliable as old school friends.

Mac lipsticks

1. Rebel

This is a fantastic deep plum shade. It is so rich and velvety; wear a light smudge for a stain or pack it on and go full vamp. Whenever I wear this shade it makes me feel like Clara Bow and very Great Gatsby. Why not team Rebel with a sweep of Mac’s ‘Cork’ shadow across your crease and lashings of your favourite mascara?


2. Honeylove

The 90’s have made a big comeback in fashion recently, so why not channel your inner Claudia and slap on some matte beige lipstick? This shade is perfect for booting about during the day and would work well with a smoked out eye.


3. Carnal Instinct

This is the perfect night out lipstick. Its frost finish over brick red is the perfect new-romantic shade, think Adam Ant. This is possibly my favorite of the 3 as it looks great during the day and at night. I love teaming this shade with a deep burgundy shadow and finishing the look with a fleck of gold shimmer in the inner corners of my eyes.

new romantic

Do you fancy trying out any of these for yourself? You can pick them up here.

Have you tried any of these shades yourself? Let me know in the comments below…

Mwa, Lou x

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