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Hey everyone! Hope you had a good week! This week I am going to share a secret I discovered recently to make you lips look bigger and fuller! If like me you have thin lips then I think you are going to like this!

What you need is

2 Lipsticks

Lip Liner

Nude Lip Pencil

Any colour lipstick will work for this, just make sure the colours you choose are within 1-2 shades lighter or darker of each other. The lip liner will need to be the same colour as your lips or lipstick. For extra precision when applying the lipstick, use a small angled brush to keep the lines sharp.


How to achieve fuller lips

Step 1

Carefully outline the shape of your lips with the lip liner, you will immediately create an effect that shadows the outside of your lips.

Step 2

Use the darker lipstick and paint your lips all around and don’t be afraid to take the lipstick right up to the line you made with the lip liner.

Step 3

With the lighter lipstick paint you lower and bottom lip but just in the center

Step 4

Finally use the nude lip pencil all around your lips which will help to give the idea of volume, and voilá! Your lips will look big and gorgeous!

Hope you enjoy!


Featured image from Tania Saiz

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