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Creating a natural makeup look on yourself, in my opinion, is one of the hardest things to do! Resisting the urge to add more, your favourite lipstick or shimmery eye shadow for fear you face looks to plain!  However, I have been inspired by the Creative Fashion module I am currently studying, after reading several books, watching demonstrations and practising a natural makeup look on myself, I have been converted. It can be applied so quickly! And with these tips your will be able to enhance your natural beauty! Sometimes less really is more!

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Tip 1

When applying foundation, start from the nose and blend outwards. Also it may seem like common sense, but if you start with less you can always add more. Starting with too much product takes up time to correct! When experimenting I have found a nice way to vary your look is by mixing some highlighter or illuminator with your foundation, giving a nice healthy glow. This is also a nice idea for evening makeup.

 I personally use Soap and Glory Hocus Focus Highlighter, it can be brought from boots and is priced at £11.00. The product gives a nice dewy effect to the skin, is thin and not greasy! I would recommend this product for everyday natural looks and occasion makeup. The product is easily built up to create a more intense effect. Finally when applying foundations , illuminators or concealers I prefer to dab or stipple the product on and allow it to skink into the skin this gives an even coverage and eliminates streak lines just be sure to blend!

 Tip 2

When covering any blemishes it is best to wait a few minutes after having applied your foundation. This is to allow the skin to settle. Until it was pointed out in a lecture I did not realise that as foundation is applied this skin gets hotter! Deeerrr! And this causes blemishes to appear redder than they are when skin is settled, this often causes people to apply excess make-up to cover their blemishes! Waiting a few minutes will allow the skin to cool, then you can apply the appropriate amount of  concealer .

Tip 3

Now it may be disgraceful that being a makeup student I also didn’t know this piece of information, but when applying mascara in a natural makeup look, do not apply to the lower lashes! As many of us use black mascara this closes the eyes making them appear smaller! However if you are not applying eyeliner apply to the lower lashes.

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Tip 4

Only Bronzer to the forehead, cheeks and nose, no where else! These are the high points where the sun would naturally catch and will give you a fresh sun kissed glow! We don’t want an orange mist al over our faces! Use a big dome brush, lightly and quickly brush on, and build up to the intensity you’d like!

Tip 5

When applying blusher we often assume because of what we have read in magazines and online that blusher should be applied to the apples of the cheeks. This is mostly old fashioned and is where we naturally blush anyway so apply colour on top of this area and when you blush the colour you have applied will be highlighted appearing bright and unnaturally pigmented! When placing blushers draw an imaginary line from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth and blend UNDERNEATH the check bone! This will give a much softer flushed, warm look.

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Tip 6

When it comes to lipstick and lip liner, in order to create fuller lips, draw lip liner on the white of the lips and to create smaller lips draw within the pink line of the lips. In order to make lip colour stay longer blend the liner colour completely over the lips.

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