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We’re redefining eyeliner as it’s no longer just for eyes. Probably the most versatile thing that you’ll have in your make-up bag, there’s so much we’re sure you never thought of doing with it. So here’s the by-no-means-definitive list of why you should be running down the shops to buy yourself a veritable rainbow of eyeliner pencils as soon as you’re done reading. Some personal favourites for a pencil include purse-friendly MUA, Barry M, and surprisingly Collection 2000.


Boots – £2.99
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#5 Catwalk Highlighter

White eyeliner is big for spring anyway, so chances are you’ve got a white pencil floating around. Run it along your waterline for huge eyes this spring, but for an all year round look, try the catwalk trick.

Scribble some white eyeliner on the back of your hand. Rub a finger into it and smudge along anywhere you’d apply (or think about applying) highlighter. Commonly used for the runway, this tried and tested make up trick will work wonders.

#4 Zit No More

We owe thanks to Rihanna for this one; once again she’s brought us sage advice for incredible make-up. But this one is less about adding punch to your already fabulous look and more about finishing a simple face to perfect it and screen out blemishes.

Brown pencil eyeliner dotted over a spot. Sounds weird and sure doesn’t sound like cover-up like we know it. It’s not. As anyone who’s ever tried to put concealer on a spot know, that’s a lost cause. But turning it from a zit into a freckle? Cute and totes effective. Because we needed another reason to love Rihanna.

#3 Party Lips Shimmer

When you’re going all out glam, maybe at a retro theme party, nothing says fabulous like a metallic sheen on your lips. A gold eye pencil will give you all the glam effect without being over the top, and it’ll last a lot longer than any gold lipstick or gloss you’ll find.

Draw a line along the middle of each lip with gold eye pencil after applying a layer of lip tint (lipstick will work too, but lip tint like Loreal Studio Secrets is best). Rub in to turn it into a gold sheen over the top. Dramatic; so save it for special occasions!


#2 Go Big or Go Home

Eyes that is. Hot for spring particularly is big wide-open eyes. One way to do it is to curl your eyelashes and apply at least two coats of mascara, but for real oomph you’ll need a white eyeliner.

Running white liner along your waterline, and just a couple of mm up under your lashes on the outer corner will make your eyes look ENORMOUS. With eyes that big, no one will be able to say no to a little bat of your eyelashes.

And whilst we’re talking about big eyes, if you aren’t a fan of the doe-eyed look and want a more rock and roll feel, you can still pump up the size whilst keeping it dark. All around liner that doesn’t meet will stop the shrinking effects of all around liner. Go all the way around, but don’t join it up in the outer corner. The top should end where your lashes do, as should the bottom. That tiny corner gap will give the illusion of much bigger eyes, rather than having them shrunk down by all the dark glamour.


#1 Clutch-sized Touch Ups

On a night out, the biggest worry after “Will I ever walk again if I wear these heels out tonight?” is always “I can’t fit all my make-up in my teeny-tiny clutch, what can I leave out?” Taking a bigger clutch is totes not the answer, even if it IS an excuse to go shopping, but you need your beautifiers, especially when you’ll be getting sweaty on the dance floor.

Fortunately, an eyeliner pencil will fit in most any space, especially if it’s a favourite one that you’ve sharpened down to just over a stub. And in a pinch you can fix just about any make-up issue with eyeliner.

Red or pink will last just as long as your lipstick, just make sure to blend it well. We’ve already talked about party shimmer, highlighter and zit cover up. You can also take just about any colour and blend over eyelids with a finger; it’s like a cream shadow, but less greasy. Pretty much the only thing you can’t do with eyeliner is fix that foundation, so find a decent long-lasting one, or whip that skin into top condition to save it.

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