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If there is something I really like seeing but never knew how to correctly use it’s red lipstick! I love the way it looks! So sexy, confident and feminine but to exude this impression it needs to be done in the right away! When done wrongly it has the opposite effect, giving the perfect clown look! I myself used to be a perfect example of the clown look, as it took me a while before I properly knew how to use red lipstick. So this week I share with you some of my tips that I hope will help you as much as they did help me!


6 Steps To Perfect Red Lips

1. First of all you have to prepare your lips to then apply the lipstick. Do a lip exfoliation to help extinguish the dry and irritated lips.

2 . Apply a balm to moisturise, and if you want the lipstick  to last longer use a primer on your lips before using lipstick.

3 . When choosing your lipstick you have to pay attention to the tone of your skin. Those who have a reddish or white but tanned skin tone should ideally use an orange red lipstick. Yellowish tones should opt for a cooler red which will help create more contrast. For those who have darker skin, the rules are the same: a darker skin tone asks for cooler red, while those with a lighter complexion should use more orange tones.

4 . You also need to take into consideration the colour of your hair when selecting your shade of red. If your hair is coloured then you should use more orange tones, and aim is to create maximum contrast if your hair is naturally coloured.

5 . You can also get a lipstick that will highlight white teeth. Wine and lilac neutralises the yellow of teeth and gives the impression of a brighter smile. While most orange and red tones will highlight yellow teeth.

6 . Now we just have to select matte or brightness. Matte gives you a very sophisticated, elegant and modern look. While lipsticks with gloss are a good option to bring more light to your face, but make sure to remove the excess to get a glowing effect .

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