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If there is something I do not do is leaving my make up box lonely for a long time and aside from my daily make up routine sometimes I like to play around a bit and experiment with new things. After doing some reading for inspiration I decided to try some ways to make my face look slimmer and trust me, if this world does not have magic then I do not know what make up is! It is amazing how much we can do with a little make up. Here I will share with you some of my tips when your goal is to slim your face.

First make up rules

Dark Shades – Recede

Light Colours – Bring Features Forward

To put this idea into practice, we need a contour colour one or two shades darker than our skin tone and a luminous highlighter that’s a bit lighter than our complexion. You can either choose to go with cream or powder textures, just make sure you use a brush to blend the colours as it will make all the difference.

Apply the contour shade in a diagonal line from the center of your cheek to the ear. Make a slight “fish face” while you do this to create a perfect line guide the contour, not forgetting to blend. The higher the contour shade, the sharper the cheekbones will look.


If you play up your eyes and lips you can also create the illusion of a thinner face. Starting with the eyes if you choose a higher and round eyebrow shape, it will help giving the illusion of a more stretched face. Also if you give the impression of larger eyes (with the use of whites for instance) it will give the perception of a smaller face. As for the lips, my advice is to keep them natural with a gloss, as full lips can emphasise the roundness of the face.

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