• Say No To The Clown Look! How To Bring The Sexy With Red Lipstick

    If there is something I really like seeing but never knew how to correctly use it’s red lipstick! I love the way it looks! So sexy, confident and feminine but to exude this impression it needs to be done in the right away! When done wrongly it has the opposite effect, giving the perfect clown look! I myself used […]
  • 5 Beauty Treatments You Can Use While You Sleep

    If you are anything like me, sleep may be one of your favourite activities of the day! Now imagine being able to combine sleeping and taking care of yourself at the same time, wouldn’t that be great? Well to all Auroras out there I have some good news – we can totally do it and […]
  • Finding The Best Hairstyle To Suit Your Face

    When the time to go to the hairdresser comes along, do you ever wonder, “Should I do something different this time?” but then decide to play it safe, leaving the salon with your usual hairstyle. This has happened quite a lot to me, and even though in some of my visits to the hairdressers I have […]