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We’re now officially halfway through winter so that means it’s time to start getting ready for Spring! Now whist I think it’s a little too early to get the bright pink lip out,nail polish is a nice subtle way to transition into brighter colours. Barry M are a great budget and cruelty free brand and they do the perfect shades, I own almost all their shades! Here are some that I think are perfect do Spring!

In A Flash

The first polish is part of their new collection for this year called In A Flash from their Speedy Quick Dry range. It’s a gorgeous pale orange, perfect for long and short nails. They’ve got it spot on with this colour, a firm favourite of quite a few bloggers.


Next up is a personal favourite, Rosehip from their Gelly range. A very pale pink that can make any outfit look girly. This one is usually on my nails from spring till summer, it’s just so pretty, especially matte!


Now is an absolute staple. Coconut from their Gelly Range. This is an off whitee/cream shade which is perfect for thise not brave enough to go full on white. I do a lot of nail art and thisnis a great palette cleanser.

Stop The Clock

This is Stop The Clock from their Speedy Quick Dry range. I’m not normally a fan of yellow polish and I dont know many people that are but BarryM managed to make one that’s notnonky wearable but gorgeous! Again, its a pale yellow so not too in your face and perfect for spring.


Last up is my personal favourite out of every polish I own, Huckleberry. A gorgeous pastel baby blue. I’d happily wear this all year round! It’s perfect for tiny nails or big one, it’s flattering on anybody, I’ve got through 3 bottles of this alone! If you’re going to pick up any, get this!

All these polishes are available from Superdrug or Boots and for only £3.99 each. They usually have them on offer too so make sure to shop around!

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