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I am sure you are all familiar with Vaseline. On the surface it seems like a fairly boring and mundane product, but actually the opposite is true. Vaseline is in fact a must have for your beauty collection. Scroll down and discover the wonders of this smooth and gentle product.


Great for your lips

Vaseline + sugar = great lip scrub. This is a simple yet efficient formula. It is also great as a lip balm, simply apply it before sleep and it will moisturise, soften, and smoothen your lips.

Treat your skin

Feet, hands and elbows tend to be the driest areas on our bodies and this tendency becomes even more noticeable during the winter. Try putting Vaseline on your body’s dry spots and you’ll be surprised how efficient Vaseline can be in giving you soft, baby looking skin.

Get an amazing aroma all day

Did you know that if you apply a bit of vaseline in the area where you spray your perfume in the morning it will make it last longer? It is a simple and very useful trick!

For soft cuticles

Vaseline also works magic. It will not only keep your cuticles moisturised but if you use it before applying nail polish it will also keep the polish from getting in your cuticles.

Make up remover

Further adding to the wonders of this product is the fact that you can easily remove eye makeup by using a small portion of Vaseline. Just make sure you wash your face once makeup is removed in order to clean the Vaseline.

Winter protection

If you are like me and it seems like every single bit of your body dries out during the cold weather, then the solution again is Vaseline! If your nose gets dry and starts to flake, apply Vaseline and let it work its magic! Same goes for your cheeks and in this case it will even give you a pretty and radiant sheen.

Eyebrows out of place?

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline and it will help you to get those rebel eyebrow hairs back in place.

So there it is! Some of the many powers of Vaseline! Try it yourself and see the results! If you have any doubts or questions write them down in the comments and I’ll be happy to get back to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a beautiful week!

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