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Even though now I wear my contacts, for many years I used to wear glasses. I have to be honest and say I never liked it much (at all!) and for me contacts were such a great option! Still I remember when I started to use glasses at the beginning I would always struggle to find the right make up to use because whatever makeup I would choose once I had my glasses on it just didn’t look the same. So for all of you who just like me need some help combining make-up and glasses, I’ll give you some of my top tips for wearing glasses with your makeup!


For bigger eyes…

If you feel like every time you put on your glasses they make your eyes smaller the you should aim for a make up look that will make your eyes appear bigger. Such as:

Use white make up on the lower eye lid this will make your eyes look bigger and shinier. If you want to make it very noticeable use only the colour white.

 You can also go for liquid eyeliner around your eyes if you want to give the impression of bigger eyes.

 Mascara is a must if you’re aiming for bigger eyes. With glasses use natural colour mascara and apply it twice.

For smaller eyes…

In the opposite case if you glasses make your eyes bigger than you wish than you should go for a look that will help your eyes seem smaller. In order to make it happen you can try:

 Use dark shadows on the lower eye lid and also a black eyeliner around your eye.

 When using mascara make sure you don’t use the same one for more than 3 months (since once it gets to its end the product will be a lot thicker which will make your eyelashes much thicker as well. The idea here is to leave them as natural as possible by applying just a small amount of mascara.

Last tip I have for you is when wearing darker eye make up, go for neutral foundation, blush and lipstick when using glasses. This will give you a delicate balance and a very feminine look!

Hope you find my tips helpful! For any questions and suggestion please just share below! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Tips for Those That Wear Glasses

  1. Sooo true, like honestly. I wear white, rose gold, or a nude eye liner. For me black is like too out there. Loved your advice i don’t wear glasses but i am deffo gonna be trying this! Stay sweet beautiful all you are doing is worthwhile. big smile and happy face mwah x x x x

    December 12, 2013 at 4:43 am
  2. Dear Alison thank you so much for such nice words! Thank you!! I am very pleased to know you enjoy my posts and find it helpful! Keep comment! Love to hear back the readers! 🙂 so thank you! Best wishes to you and have a beautiful and magic Christmas! 🙂

    December 12, 2013 at 11:52 pm

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