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Soap and Glory was a new beauty brand to hit Boots a few years back. From skincare to makeup this has become one of the most popular brands in the drugstore, all of their products have this pink vintage like packaging which is all reasonably priced. It would be a lie if I said I had only fell in love with a few products. Today I am going to be mentioning 4 products that I have recently fell in love with from the brand.

Heel Genuis Foot Cream

Now this Soap and Glory product doesn’t sound like the most appealing but we all have feet that need caring for. I have been using this for around a month by applying a small amount and massaging it into my feet then putting socks on before going to bed every night. I wake up in the morning and my feet are smooth, they feel soft and any cracked skin has been moisturized and taken care of. This is only a travel size as I got this in a Christmas set but considering for how long I have used this and how well it works I will definitely be getting another when this runs out. For the 125ml it is £5.50 whereas for the travel size which is 50ml this does seem to be an exclusive at the moment with the gift sets. But because the gift sets are cheap and feature a range of products why not pick up one and give it a try.

Hand Food Hand Cream

Since starting my job I have noticed how dry my hands become. I’m not normally a person who uses hand cream but I recently got into the routine of putting it on just as I’m about to go to bed and then when I wake up in the morning before I start my day. Infused with shea butter and macadamia oil the Soap and Glory Hand Food gives off a beautiful scent. That leaves my hands feeling so soft and smooth. Again this is avaliable in travel size to buy at 50ml for £2.50 or the 125ml for £5.50. Like the foot cream this does come in most of the gift sets as well incase you don’t want to pay a lot for a minature and you want to try a few other products as well.

Solar Powder Bronzer

Moving onto the makeup, Soap and Glory never fails to impress. As I loved the brow archery brow pencil and the supercat liner, it was no surprise that I also loved this bronzer. I am going to be using this bronzer more towards the Summer rather than now just because this is a shimmer free matte bronzer. That produces this beautiful tanned glow which at the moment isn’t what I’m after as I want a little bit of shimmer. Nevertheless, this is a highly pigmented blendable bronzer that sits nicely on the skin and looks natural. This is priced at £11 which matches close to L’Oreal and Max Factor prices in comparison.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer

Now I am not normally the adventurous type when it comes to lips. I normally stick to nudes or a red and keep it that way. Recently I have been branching out into more brown and berry shades and I recently picked up this. The Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer in Charm Offensive. This is a dark pink shade that reminds me a lot of Mac Fast Play just the brighter lacquer version. I am not normally a fan of glosses, they feel too slippery on my lips and just don’t last. Surprisingly I love this, it has the balance between a lacquer and a lipstick without feeling too sticky. And you can always pat it down until it’s matte anyway. I am in absolute love with the shade. I tend to struggle finding a pink shade that isn’t too light or too dark for my lips. But with this being a slightly darker pink this suits me perfectly. I have been wearing this a lot through the winter just with it being a darker pink but I’m looking forward to wearing this as we move into Spring. There are 6 shades from this range to choose from, I have found that almost every shade has been a perfect match for me.

And there we have it, just some of the products I have been loving from Soap and Glory. Overall I give this brand a massive 10/10 I haven’t come across any products that haven’t worked or lived up to expectations yet but if there are any products you have tried that you like or hate. Comment them down below and I could be putting them to the test.

Until next time, Chloe!

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