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As girls we all like a beautiful and nicely done manicure! Colors, shapes, designs, matte or shiny, there is a nail polish to suit everyone’s taste these days. The variety is endless and even though we like to change fairly often, we’d also like them to last and stay looking freshly done for a couple of days at least! So if you are like me and just days after you’ve colored your nails they start to look like they need to be re-done, here are a few steps you may want to try in order to have longer lasting beautiful looking nails!

Step 1: Clean

So the first thing we should bare in mind is preparation is essential! It’s important to make sure we clean the whole nail making sure that any bit of old nail polish is now gone. By polishing our nails the nail polish will stick better and it will help to make it last longer.

It is also important to make sure you remove any and all cream you may have on your hands so the nail polish will stick better. You can remove any cream with nail polish remover for example – try to use one with no acetone, since this is a strong chemical that can make your nails weaker!!

Step 2: Trim and File

You may want to begin with a nail cutter if you have especially long nails. Once down to a reasonable length you can proceed with a nail file to create your desired shape. Once you have filed your nails in the shape you want, make sure you also file the top with the rough side of the nail file and finish by filing with the softer side.

Step 3: Base Coat

Before applying your chosen colour you should always apply a base coat, it is good for your nail’s health and helps avoid broken nails. It works even better if you apply two layers.

Step 4: Colour

Apply the color you want while the base coat is not totally dry and again with the colour you can also apply it twice.

Step 5: Top Coat

To finish your manicure apply a good top coat that will give a nice shine to your nails and also help the nail polish to last longer!

I hope it helps! And any questions, suggestions or ideas please comment below as I would love to hear from you! 🙂

Picture Source: TheGloss.com

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