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This week, more specifically Tuesday, I had the amazing chance of going to the annual Clothes Show in Birmingham. What a fabulous event! If you didn’t get the chance to go this year or in the years prior, I strongly recommend you to do so! You’ll find everything there! From clothes, beauty, celebrities, catwalks, music to the latest fashion ideas, there isn’t a thing you won’t find in there! It is a great event, which was a very pleasant surprise for my first time there!

If you didn’t get the chance to go this year, here are some pictures from the beauty section of the show! If you did get the chance to go I am sure you will enjoy recapping some of the fun you had there!

Below is a section with some very nice Moroccan Oil Products:




And here a great hair demonstration:





The Perfect Eyebrows

Now to get to the focus on this weeks post: the perfect eyebrows! I had never seen this before, but this little kit from Ruby Cosmetics seems to do the trick! If you have wild eyebrows that never seem to stay in place or if sometimes they just don’t seem the right format, then this is for you! Ruby Cosmetics has created a very practical and simple kit to use: a plastic stencil that you can place on your eyebrows and give them the shape you want! I have tried myself and here it is how it works!


Depending on the colour of your eyebrows they have a wide variety of kits so it’s just a matter of finding the one with your colour.


All kits come with this plastic stencils and there are different ones depending on what shape you want your eyebrows to be. 

You place the stencil on your eyebrows and then apply the powder filling the stencil.


It takes no longer than 2 minutes and it gives your eyebrows a nice even look, here is my result after I tried:

Picture Perfect Brows are available from the Ruby Cosmetics website and retail at £34.99.

What do you think of  Ruby’s idea? Have you tried yourself?

Hope you have enjoyed the little sneak pick of the show and the perfect eyebrows tip!

Have a beauty full week! 🙂



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