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We’re all enjoying the unexpectedly hot weather in the UK but while the sun is great, it can wreak havoc on your hair. From excess dryness to excess oiliness, the warm weather can play a whole host of tricks – read on for some top tips on how best to protect your hair whilst keeping it looking great.

Clarify your hair

As with your skin, the heat can often add oil to your hair, particularly if you are already oil-prone. Add to this a healthy dose of sweat and you have the makings of a not-so-hot do. Try a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to remove build-up and restore bounce to your hair.

Green People Clarifying Shampoo
FeelUnique – £10.76

Green People’s Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner are excellent options and contain mostly organic ingredients – ideal for summer.

Green People Clarifying Conditioner
Feel Unique – £9.56

The sun can open up your pores meaning anything you use sinks into your skin even more so it’s best to choose products with clean and natural ingredients.

Dry shampoo as a volumiser

Find your dry shampoo match. Dry shampoo is not only great for when you just can’t be bothered to wash your hair but is also a fantastic option for reviving hair whenever it looks a little lifeless during the day. You can even use it immediately after washing and drying your hair – it acts as an instant volumiser.

Percy & Reed No Fuss Shampoo
Feel Unique – £12

For an indulgent option, Percy & Reed’s Dry Shampoo is difficult to beat while Batiste offers a whole range of dry shampoos to suit every hair type and preference.

 Embrace air-drying

Skip the hair appliances and let your hair air-dry. Not only will this mean you don’t have to put yourself through the torture of hot air blowing at you in the heat, but it will also protect your hair from further dryness and split ends. Embrace the laid back look by using a beach spray to add texture to your hair and then pin your hair loosely back with bobby pins for around an hour. When you let your hair loose, you’ll have soft, carefree waves.

Hair oil is your best friend

Make sure your ends don’t suffer unnecessarily in the summer sun. Invest in a good hair oil which will nourish your hair whilst making it stronger and shinier. Apply after washing when your hair is still wet and before you sleep at night and you’ll ensure wonderfully healthy hair all summer long.

Moroccanoil Treatment Feel Unique - £31.85

Moroccanoil Treatment
Feel Unique – £31.85

Moroccan Oil’s Original Oil Treatment is difficult to beat or for a cheaper alternative, try pure argan oil which is a purer version of Moroccan Oil’s base ingredient.

Don’t forget to deep-condition!

Use hair masques and deep conditioning treatments to replenish lost vitamins and nutrients to your hair. Commit to using one at least once a week and your hair will reward you with shine and bounce. For a super deep conditioning treatment, apply before bed and wear a shower cap while you sleep. Wash out in the morning and your hair will be incredibly soft and shiny.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
Feel Unique – £23.16

Macadamia Oil offer a cult-classic masque while Aussie do an excellent budget version too.

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