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During the summer, hair can become a complete pain in the back side (to be frank), especially for us women! The humid climate can create an uncontrollable frizz, and the heat can even lead us to consider shaving it all off. Fear no more, as I have 3 summer hairstyles to help control your misbehaving locks!

The Bun

Although this style is very simple, it is an effective way to disguise wayward hair and create a stylish look. The higher the bun the better! The best way to do this is to tie the hair in a simple ponytail and wrap the hair round. Then use either hair grips, or another hair band to secure it. Allow some hair strands to fall out if you wish to create a windswept look for the beach. The bun is ideal for music festivals as it disguises any greasy hair and looks fabulous with this year’s festival trends.

The Bun

The Plait

The plait is also very good at disguising problematic hair but is slightly more complicated than the bun. You must begin with separating the part of hair you want to plait into three sections. You then need to overlap the hair and add a new section every time you overlap. The new section needs to be taken from a different side of the plait each time to ensure it is even. Use a hair band to secure the plait at the end, and use hairspray for a sleek finish. This style holds well if done properly, and will also be good for festivals, as well as being pretty and feminine for the summer.

The Plait


The idea of blow drying your hair during a heat wave is enough to make you sweat, so don’t bother! Just allow your hair to take on it’s natural state. If this idea is slightly scary then try scrunching your hair with your hands to create curls or waves, and then soften with moose to avoid cave girl locks. You could also twist strands of hair whilst it dries for a more styled look. This allows frizz to appear stylish and beach moisture becomes less problematic.


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One thought on “3 Easy Summer Hairstyles

  1. Nat

    the bun on the top of your head actually started up in copenhagen. Then it started to be picked up all over Europe. Actually, I just realised. Last time I was in asia a lot of girls had their hair like that like 2 years ago so maybe it started then

    July 19, 2010 at 9:08 pm

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