• How to Do The Mermaid Braid

    Since arriving in Birmingham, I have to say the weather hasn’t really been the nicest! Lately it’s been so wet and windy that anything I try to do with my hair gets ruined the moment I walk out of the door! I believe I’m not the only one feeling this way, so here’s a pretty […]
  • Finding The Best Hairstyle To Suit Your Face

    When the time to go to the hairdresser comes along, do you ever wonder, “Should I do something different this time?” but then decide to play it safe, leaving the salon with your usual hairstyle. This┬áhas happened quite a lot to me, and even though in some of my visits to the hairdressers I have […]
  • 3 Easy Summer Hairstyles

    During the summer, hair can become a complete pain in the back side (to be frank), especially for us women! The humid climate can create an uncontrollable frizz, and the heat can even lead us to consider shaving it all off. Fear no more, as I have 3 summer hairstyles to help control your misbehaving […]