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Today I had the chance to take part in the beauty brand, Illamasqua’s, first ever masterclass at their Selfridges counter.

Laurie (the make up artist from Illamasqua) taught us how to create a daytime look and then transform it into a night-time look without having to redo your make up from scratch.


The eye make up was done for both looks using the Neutral Palette by Illamasqua

To create both the daytime and nighttime looks, the make up artist showed us how we could build our darker tones by combining it to our nude tones. The products that were used for the tutorial were:

Hydra Veil

The perfect base/primer for any type of skin.

Skin Base Foundation

The foundation was also used to cover the areas where there was any fallout.

Loose Powder

To set the foundation.

Cream Blusher

In Promise

Sculpting Powder Duo

The palette was only used for the night time look for contouring and highlighting.

Intense Lipgloss

The colour used for the daytime look was Absorb and the colour used for the night time look was Indulge.

Neutral Palette

The feature we focused on the most was the eyes and for them we used this eyeshadow palette which comes with four different colours from which the lightest ones can be used for a more nude look and the darkest ones can be incorporated to create a darker look.


The shades Stealth (creamy buttermilk) and Wolf (rich chocolate brown) were used for the nude/daytime look and the antique gold shade Vintage and Obsidian (rich black) were added for the night time look.

Using the Neutral Palette she created a light smokey eye in the shades Stealth and Wolf and then added Vintage and Obsidian for the nightfall effect. The precision gel liner was used to form the cat line effect using the fine eyeliner brush and the “masquara” in raven was used to lengthen, define and dramatise the lashes.


Left eye: Night time
Right eye: Daytime

The tutorial was fantastic and also taught us that we could use the same process to create many looks for different occasions. When speaking to a freelance makeup artist who also took part in the class, she explained how more department stores should introduce more master classes for their customers, as Birmingham in comparison to London, don’t offer them as much.

All the products used for the tutorial are listed above and can be found on the Illamasqua website.

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