• 5 Budget affordable face cleansers

    You all  know how important it is to remove your makeup every night and wash your face very well before going to bed. You can find different options but you don’t have to buy an expensive and overpriced cleanser to keep your face clean. So, maybe you’re going to ask “Is it better  buying a £25.00 […]
  • The Student Skincare Survival Kit

    With money sometimes being tight, and more money being spent on nights out than you could ever imagine. It can have a real strain on your skin. I have created a skincare set that will help your skin from the breakouts, dryness, and any other problems that come in its way. The cleanser Now I […]
  • What Skin Care Products Should You Save and Splurge On?

    Skincare is a minefield. Unlike make up, finding products you trust is a bit more of a chore. Often people tend to scrimp on skincare and splurge on make up. However, the colder weather and hotter central heating mean your skin is about to take a bashing and it’s worth knowing where you should invest your […]
  • Skincare Haul: High End Beauty Products

    Hi beauties I’m Elaine from EBR (Elaine’s Beauty Reviews). I’m so glad to write for Student Fashion for the very first time. Just a little info about me. I’m a beauty addict as we all are. Hah! I love all things beauty related especially skincare and makeup. You will be seeing a lot of me […]