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I recently got bought the Naked 3 makeup palette from Urban Decay. Having previously loved the original Naked 1 and 2 I couldn’t wait to try out this one.

I have been using this palette most days for the past month or so and its often my go to palette when i’m creating natural looks on photo shoots or day to day looks on myself.

The low down on the palette….

For me, getting a new product is so exciting, and its not just about the product but also the packaging. The palette comes in a hard metal case which is great for protection of the powders and also for me, as I like to shove it into my makeup bag which I take everywhere.  The palette also includes a double ended brush for application. This is a great little brush and is really handy for quick applications. However due to its synthetic hairs I personally find it quite harsh against my lid and find it doesn’t blend the pigments as well as a natural haired brush.

The Eye Shadows


This is a matte neutral shade which is great for an all over lid colour.


This shade is a pale metallic pink. It contains a small amount of glitter which adds a nice shimmer to the colour however, I find this colour quite chalky and hard to build up on the lid.


I would describe this as a light peachy satin finish shadow. It adds a nice pop of shimmer over a neutral shade.


This is my favourite of the more neutral shades in this palette. The colour is a dusty rose matte shade.


A Shimmery rose colour thats great on top of other shades as it is not very pigmented.


Metallic pink copper. I loved the look of this colour in the palette however when applying onto my eyes I was really disappointed as it has no pigmentation. Much prefer the shade half baked from palette 1 and 2.


This shade is a medium brown matte. I love this shade. I usually team this up with limit as they blend really well together.


Medium metallic mauve shimmer. This is great for the base of a smokey eye.


This shade is a pink / brown satin finish. Another one of my favourites in this palette. I use this to define my crease after using limit and nooner.


Metallic taupe shimmer, great for adding shimmer to a smokey eye to keep the depth.


This is a deep mink grey colour. Its a great alternative to a smokey eye if you want to create a look that has depth but isnt black.


I love this colour to finish off a dark smokey eye. Its a matte black eyeshadow with a rosy red glitter. Its so pigmented wich is great as you don’t need a lot of the powder. With is being very dark, I would recommend putting on your eye shadow before the rest of your makeup if you plan on using this colour as it has a lot of fall out.

The verdict

Overall its a very useful palette if you are looking for a rose gold feel to your look. I would recommend this palette to people who have an idea about mixing colours together as I feel it isn’t as versatile as Naked 1 and 2.

Let me know what you all think about this palette and if you would like me to create a step by step tutorial on how I used this palette then let me know.

Kari xo

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