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Brand: Superdrug’s own brand

Price: £2.59

The Deep Action Pore-Cleansing Strips come in packs of 5 and claim to ‘unclog’, ‘purify’ and ‘remove excess oil’.

Opinion: I bought these nose strips at the end of January because I have some pretty ugly looking and very persistent blackheads on my nose. I exfoliate every other day, either with a hot cloth cleanser or The Body Shop’s Seaweed Exfoliator and although the rest of my skin stays fairly blemish free, I can never get rid of the multitude of blackheads on my nose *sigh*. I used to use pore strips when I was a teenager and they were really effective so I figured I’d try it again.

When I was younger though, my lovely mother paid for my toiletries, so I was treated to the Biore Pore Strips. They stuck well yet didn’t hurt too much to remove, and they pulled out loads of blackheads so there was a visible improvement after use.

However, now that I’m a student, living away from home, £8 seems rather ridiculous, which is what made me pick up Superdrug’s own instead – I’d decided pore strips are pore strips, they all do the same job. I was wrong. In short, the Superdrug Deep Action ones are rubbish. I mean they do manage to pull a few of the nasty things out, but overall they’re pretty useless. There wasn’t any visible improvement whatsoever. They don’t stick down to the skin properly either, yet still hurt like hell when it comes to pulling them off. I feel like everything about them is just poor quality. My opinion has definitely changed – you get what you pay for (in the case of nose strips anyway).

Final Verdict: If you can afford it, get the Biore, that’s what I’ll be doing next time.

Hope you liked my (rather frank) review!


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