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In today’s society it is clear that many women feel an overwhelming pressure to conform to an idyllic beauty that is undefined, and thus has no limit. It is quite unclear what the ultimate perfection actually consists of, as people have their own perception of beauty. However it is clear that women feel pressure to change and control their bodies as opposed to accepting their natural state.

Consequently, cosmetic surgery has thrived over recent years as many celebrities have gone down this route. This trend has now filtered down to the average middle class woman, and quite frankly it is worrying. Many of the procedures are falling in price and are therefore more accessible now than 5 years ago. Could this mean that those with a natural figure will be in the minority in years to come?

Many women seem to be driven by the fear of ageing and becoming ‘invisible’ as such. This could be due to the fact that society is seen to be driven by youthful celebrities, with the more mature stars taking a back seat. But this isn’t the case. Many mature celebrities are making a comeback such as the model ‘Twiggy’ who showcases the idea of growing old gracefully, with perfection. By no means has she overcome the ageing process, but she doesn’t try to hide her more mature complexion and figure, and therefore shows that the older woman can still be beautiful and look wonderful in today’s society.

If women are driven by the fear of ageing, then why do more and more young girls desire plastic surgery? Well, they are likely to be driven by their perception of what men find attractive, i.e. very slim females with big breasts and a pretty face. This has lead to a rise in girls with medically enhanced bodies or has left them feeling the need to conform. Often, once surgery has been performed in one area of the body, it shows up other ‘imperfections’ and can lead to a number of surgical procedures. Eventually women may turn into walking silicon formations claiming to personify the ultimate beauty.

From working in fashion retail, I have seen women who have had surgery in real life and I can tell you that it is extremely obvious in some cases. Although having surgery can make you more photogenic, it doesn’t always make you look beautiful in reality. Sometimes surgery can look very strange as it can make you look out of proportion by interfering with your natural body shape. Therefore the consequences of cosmetic surgery should be considered in extreme detail before surgery is done.

The reason for me writing this article is that one of my closest friends has disclosed that she, at the age of just 19, is contemplating surgery as a result of pressure in her relationship and other insecurities. I want to make it clear that all women feel insecure at times, or maybe all the time but surgery is not always the answer. It may help for a short while but eventually you will find something else to be insecure about and latch onto that issue instead. A plastic flower may last longer, but unfortunately it has no scent and thus repetitive cosmetic surgery will erase the real person inside and all individuality will be lost.

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One thought on “An Objection to Perfection

  1. Dino

    Great article! I agree, in todays society women are pressured to place their self-worth on image which generally results in complete dissatisfaction with self. There will always be someone prettier out there. Only way out is to learn how to love yourself for who you are… this goes with anyone getting their value from anything else.
    As for your friend, if she’s in a relationship in which she’s pressured to look like something else, the relationship is not worth it.

    October 6, 2010 at 1:57 am

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