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Hello SF readers. Time for another SKINCARE post. Let’s crack on!

Today I want to show you my all time fav serums that I know I will keep repurchasing. They are all pretty different in terms of what they will do to our skin.

L’Oreal Revita Lift Laser x3

L'Oreal Revita Lift

The first serum is a recent discovery and I use it mainly on my neck. That’s right! It’s a good serum for the face of course but I just really like it on my neck. It’s the L’OREAL Revita Lift Laser 3 Serum

It is basically an Anti-Aging serum that has some shimmery particles to brighten up the dull complexion. It is formulated for women over 40 years of age but you all know what I’m going to say right?… It’s better to prevent than fixing it later. It is very light in texture, absorbs fast and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It really brightens the skin also leaving it silky smooth and soft. The reason why I use it on my neck is because I do have some lines in that area and I really want to lighten them up, also this is a drug store serum so I wouldn’t feel too guilty to use it that way. Remember: The neck is the first part of our body to show signs of ageing, so girls we gotta take good care of our necks, even at younger ages.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Serum Khiels

Next up is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is hands down one of the best serums I have ever tried. It is an oil serum but very light and you’re only meant to use it at night. It really soothes, hydrates and evens out the skintone, as well as helping RECOVER whatever damage you might have done during the day ie. sun exposure, pollution etc. It is fabulous, plus all ages and skin types can benefit from it. You can layer it with your favourite moisturiser on top if you have dry skin or wear it alone if you have oily skin. This serum is packed with good skincare ingredients plus some really precious essential oils, it smells divine like lavenders which is really nice to use before bed to make you sleep tight.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Serum skinesis

Moving on… Another recent discovery… Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial. It is actually a serum + moisturiser in one. You can wear it alone like I do or use it over another serum. It is an overnight treatment that really penetrates deep into the skin as you sleep. It smells really lovely like rose mixed with jasmine. I am hooked. I actually purchased 2 bottles because I like it that much! It is very natural as far as ingredients. It hydrates, evens out skintone and brightens, this bottle does it all!

Esteé Lauder Idealist


Last but certainly not least is my beloved Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator by Esteé Lauder. I use this in the morning because it really brightens up my complexion and makes me look wide awake as though I’ve just had 10 hours of sleep. It goes on very smooth like a face primer. It’s matte in terms of texture but it doesn’t look matte because of the shimmery bits in there. I really like this unique texture and it is great for someone who has oily skin and is afraid of using illuminating primers. I mean it just doesn’t make your skin oily at all. This serum, to be completely honest with you, is a bit of splurge but you should definitely put it on your Christmas or birthday shopping lists as I said before it’s fabulous as a primer before foundation and has all the skincare beneficial ingredients in there too! Who doesn’t want all that?!!!

There you have my all time fav serums. Thank you so much for having me SF and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

Bye! Muahh!

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