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You know what it’s like when it comes to hair salons. You find one you like, and you stick to it. You probably ask for the same stylist every time, because they know just how you like your hair done, and won’t pull any crazy stunts with you and leave you with a Mohawk when you asked for a trim. Becoming a student means many of us have to find a new salon in our University location – not so easy in the second biggest city in the UK which has hundreds of salons, but not so many great ones that fit a student budget.

After a couple of not-so-great hair experiences at another ‘urban’ hair salon (covert reference there if you can spot it) I decided to go in search of better things, and eureka I have found it!

Urban Roots is my new just right salon, and I wish to spread the word!

The salon is right by New Street station on Lower Temple Street, so is easy to find and central. Set up ten years ago by brothers Chad and Wesley using a loan from the Princes Trust, Urban Roots is a family-ran salon with a really relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, not at all pretentious like some other city-centre salons.The staff really take care of you; my jacket was hung up, I was offered 3 drinks, brought magazines and kept amused by friendly banter. So far so good!

Chad gave me the most thorough consultation I’ve ever had; he found out exactly what I wanted and explained which tones would suit me and how he’d finely weave through highlights to look natural and rectify the blunt dye line I had previously been left with. He even asked if I wear my hair up so he’d know to colour underneath too. Different concentrations of dye were used on the sides and the top of my head so they would develop at the same time and could all be washed out together.

The Tigi BedHead products they used made my hair smell delicious, and the blow-drying technique of using barrel brushes as rollers left my hair as bouncy as my walk. I positively sashayed my way into Urban Outfitters afterwards!

There are 12 chair stations in the salon around a quirky descending spiral staircase where the other lovely staff (Mary, Carla, Matt and Tony) work their magic. Urban Roots are currently running a student offer of 25% off with marvellous Mary; meaning women’s cuts start from £22.50 and colours from £45. Plus, with 20% off for all new clients Monday to Thursday, it’s time to treat your tresses!

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