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Makeup brushes are not something I normally talk a lot about. For me I tend to pick a new brush up every now and then use it until it’s passed its used and just re-purchase it because I know it works. Whilst Superdrug had their buy one brush get the second half price offer on B-Brushes I decided to try something different for once.

B-Contour/Blush Brush

The first one from the offer I picked up is the blush/contour angled brush. Now what I love about this is mainly the fact that it’s angled. When applying my bronzer I can get that contour shape nicely, I don’t normally wear blusher I use this for highlighter and bronzer. The brush is super soft and buffs into the skin nicely. It is a dream to clean and after about 6 washes so far it hasn’t lost any bristles and is still remaining nice and soft. This brush is priced at £8.99 however at the moment this is on offer for £5.99 saving you a little extra money.

B-Finishing Stippling brush

The second brush I picked up in the offer is the B-Finishing Brush. This is a stippling brush that can be used for your foundation or even concealer. I have been a lover for stippling brushes for a long time. I find that they help to blend my foundation in, making it look a lot smoother compared to other foundation brushes. That have just left this caked look on my face. This is the biggest stippling brush I have had before yet the bristles are still compact which I love. This allows me to focus on a particular area. I normally like to apply a little bit extra foundation near my cheeks as they can get quite red and I want quite a bit of coverage before my concealer. This brush allows me to blend it in without it looking too much on my face. As well as the Contour/blush brush this has remained in perfect condition after washing it several times. I am just impressed at how soft and well these brushes work. I am not a huge fan of the Real Techniques stippling brush as for me the brush just doesn’t really allow movement. Priced at £9.99 but as well as the other brush at £6.66 you would be mad not to pick these up whilst they are on offer.

Final Thoughts

From the brushes I have tried in the past, these are potentially two of my favorites so far. I am a big fan of the Real Technqiues Brushes but for me they just aren’t anything special to me anymore. As I’ve become more experienced with makeup. I have realised that you can a much better finish and better value for money with other brands such as B is for Beauty, these also work out being cheaper than Real Technqiues. So if you get the chance definitely do check this brand out.

Until next time, Chloe!

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