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So I’ve wanted to do a post about wigs for a while. I discovered how wonderful wigs were around this time last year and have developed a real passion for them. I would recommend that anyone tries wearing a wig, even once, they are practical, easy and give you the ability to transform your style literally in seconds! I personally decided to give wigs ago as I didn’t have a clue what to do with my own hair, it had been dyed several colours, wasn’t in the best condition and I was in two minds whether to chop it all off!

When trying a wig for the first time I purchased my first wig from  a company I still often use, GEISHA WIGS.COM the prices start from around £20, so if you decide wigs aren’t for you its not too much of a loss. Geisha wigs offer a wide variety of wigs catering for all types of styles, from super long, brightly coloured wigs, to naturally coloured or a combination of both bright and natural colours, also including a lovely dip dye collection. I recommend going for a more toned down, subtle wig for your first choice, these tend to look more real, it’ll also be more versatile meaning you can wear it more and get used to it and decide whether wigs are for you. For example if your current hair colour is blonde why not opt for a light brown or even auburn wig? Or if you want to be more daring, red. Geisha wigs are synthetic hair wigs that can be styled with heat up to 180 degrees, this is useful as when they start to become ratty they can be straightened out and smoothed giving them longer usage.


The first wig I brought, Geisha wigs, Red pepper a mix of auburn and red. Unfortunately this wig has been discontinued.

I tend to wear my wigs with some kind of hair accessory, I think this makes them appear more real as wigs can make the head shape appear quite circular and large .Wearing a head band or even a beanie, breaks the shape up a bit and adds to the realism. However wearing a wig without an accessory of course does not mean it won’t look real, taking a bit of extra time to style the wig, or fringe will also add to this. Try to give the wig a parting, even just at the front to break the shape of the head up.


Lavender from Geisha wigs, long curled lilac wig £22


Red wig from Annabelle’s wigs, name: Peggy Soo. £28.49

The  Red wig shown above was purchased from Annabelle’s Wigs, another company I often use, all these wigs are more pricey, in my opinion they appear more realistic then Geisha wigs ,the hair used is synthetic and heat can be used on it, if you decided to wash your wig dry with cold hair from personal experience I can say the hair will melt! so be careful! The hair used on Annabelle’s wigs is finer, this gives a more realistic appearance but also means over brushing will increase damage! I would suggest purchasing a wig comb! As well as avoiding brushing your wig too often. Wig combs are widely available and can be bought from Amazon for around £2/3

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 22.07.59

Ask Blonde wig from Annabelle’s wigs, named: Carly

One of main aspects you need to master in order to make your wig look realistic is concealing your own hair, when I first started wearing wigs I had mid length hair, here is an easy technique I used to conceal my real hair:

1. Firstly split your hair into two even pig tails, plait the pig tails and secure with a small hair band, preferably elastics. There is nothing worse than having a big bulk hair band uncomfortably pressing into your head under your wig!

2. Cross the plaits over and wrap around in the shape of your head, secure in place with grips, make sure these and face facing downwards and are securely in the hair so they don’t puncture and damage your wig!

3. Finally spray any flyaway hair around the face out of the way with hair spray and place a wig cap over your hair!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 13.47.06


Some very quick and messy wrap Ive done in the past on myself and my sister, if you find plaits are uncomfortable on your head underneath the wig they can be left as pig tails however try to pin them up a bit more tightly and neatly than I have!

Wigs are a really great way to experiment with your style, or even to use as a tester to decide what to do with your own hair! Whether you want to wear a wig for everyday use or create an alter ego, wigs are something everyone should try! You’ll become addicted! Sorry to bombard you all with a load of photos of myself! hopefully this post has convinced some of you to give wigs a go!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.09.32

Black wig, Annabelle’s wigs,curled with short fringe, named: Bettie. £25.99

White Blonde wig, Geisha Wigs.


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