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When I saw that another Rimmel Foundation came out I was pretty happy as in the past their range has done me well. I popped to my local Tesco and grabbed the shade Ivory 100, and popped it in my basket excited to give it a try. At a price of £7.99 (well that’s what I paid for it anyway, if you happen to get it cheaper, lucky you!) I was pretty chuffed.

When I got it home I had a proper look at it and read all the small print on the back. It’s 1fl oz or 30ml so I think for the price you get a lot of product.

25 hours?! I think we all know that it would never last 25 hours so I didn’t hold high expectations on that. The bottle is glass and it has a pump so it’s easy to get the product out. It does pump out pretty fast though as it’s quite liquidy so you don’t need too much before you have enough for full face coverage.

The coverage of the foundation I would say was medium. I have a pretty red face and have a lot of discolouration so I tend to need full coverage foundations, but saying that, their foundations in the past have served me well.

The first time I applied it I used a foundation brush. I found that the product didn’t blend overly well with this method so I went for slapping it on with my fingers instead. Using my fingers, I found that it was a lot more blendable, probably due to the heat of my hands helping melt the foundation into my skin. Also, it gives off quite a dewy finish so if you suffer with oily skin this might not be the best purchase.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Now for the big question: How long does it actually last? Well for me not long at all. I use a primer and concealer before applying the foundation which I thought may give it a longer lasting appeal but apparently not. I can put this on in the morning, say at like 8 a.m. and by the time lunch time hits, it started to slide around my face and little splodges of it appear around areas such as my nose.

Though if you carry it around with you and are able to touch up during the day it would probably wear a lot better, but I don’t have the time to do that so am having to deal with a shiny face for the majority of the day. Setting it with powder didn’t help that much either but it did give it a bit more hold.

Overall, I think it is a good product for the price and if you can touch it up and keep checking it in the mirror all day I think you’d be able to get on fine with it. For me though it isn’t a new holy grail product. But for £7.99 I’m not gonna grumble and I don’t regret buying it. I’ll just wear it when I know I can keep tabs on it and if I know I don’t need it on for long. Simples! 🙂

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