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Back at the end of August I won a blogging competition with Aveda about my experience using their Invati range for thin and lifeless hair. Invati also claims to help boost hair regrowth by exfoliating the scalp to remove excess oil and product build up and renews the scalp. The miracle ingredient is something called Densiplex which is comprised of turmeric and ginseng that stimulates and rejuvenates the scalp.

London trip

But does it actually work?

I have been using Invati for almost 6 months now and the affect it has had on my hair has been phenomenal.

Invati range

Over the last year I have abused the crap out of my hair. I like to be creative with my do and consider it to be one of my defining physical characteristics. After going from blonde to red, pastel pink, fuchsia pink and back to blonde in the space of a year: my hair was falling out and had the consistency of wet chewing gum. I genuinely considered shaving it off and starting again. I had gone from a Marilyn to a Widdecombe! I looked like a washed up Playboy bunny; all I was missing was a toned body and a dead-eyed smile from seeing too much penis. I knew that the Invati (around £100 for the 3 step programme) was expensive but I was desperate. My hair was coming out in chunks every time I brushed it. The remaining options were pretty much Invati or the power of prayer.

The many styles of me
I started using the Invati 3 step programme back in March and it has totally changed the way my hair looks. After over-processing my hair with chemicals and dyes, I plumbed for Aveda’s products as they are so well known for using naturally derived ingredients. For it to work, my hairdresser encouraged me to be faithful to the same routine of using the scalp spray twice a day and using the shampoo and conditioner 3 times a week. I found the consistency of the shampoo a tad disconcerting at first as it is so thin. One thing I would suggest to the novice Invati user is to first wet your hair; then apply a 50p size amount of the shampoo to dry hands. After doing this, rub the shampoo between your hands to create a creamy emollient texture, then apply it to your hair. This product doesn’t lather that much but you will get used to it, hang in there baby, it’s totally worth it.

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Another fab thing I loved about this line is that the scalp spray is great for adding a bit of volume to your roots. When I use this product in the shower I like to pretend I’m having a spa day as it smells and feels so luxurious; if I really concentrate I can almost pretend that my 3 year old isn’t staring at me in the shower as he goes for a poo or my other son isn’t hammering on the bathroom door as he wants a banana. Immediately.

It was really after the first 4 weeks that I saw the little baby hairs start to come in and my hair really come back to life. I couldn’t believe how much thicker and healthier my hair looked. There was also the added bonus that it didn’t come out in clumps when I brushed it either. Hurrah, I wasn’t going to be bald by age 30!

The Aveda Institute
As part of my winnings I was whisked down to London and put up in a glam hotel in the heart of the city. The first day I went for a spa in the Aveda institute and got my hair did. The second day was spent filming my testimonial. I got to experience what it’s like to hangout in a green room, have a natter about the latest trends and beauty products with a well-known makeup artist and consume my body weight in Starbucks’ lattes and cookies. So I feel the most logical step now is to give up my nursing degree and become a full time celeb.


It was a whirlwind couple of days. I am so excited to see the finished results. I can’t believe my mush is going to be in an advert! Watch this space…

What about you? Have you tried Invati, what did you think? Sound off in the comments…

lipsMwa, Lou x

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