• Spring Beauty Trends 2014

    Spring is finally on its way which means out with the coats and boots and in with the cute dresses and jackets. In the world of beauty it also means a whole lot of new trends to try out from last years spring/summer fashion weeks. Some of the trends from the catwalk may seem extreme, but […]
  • Eye Makeup Tips for Those That Wear Glasses

    Even though now I wear my contacts, for many years I used to wear glasses. I have to be honest and say I never liked it much (at all!) and for me contacts were such a great option! Still I remember when I started to use glasses at the beginning I would always struggle to find […]
  • Pick a Palette: 6 of the Best Eyeshadow Kits

    The beginning of September means the end of summer but can also mean a new start – whether that’s a new term, new university or even just a new personal project. You’re going to want to look your best but you also don’t want to waste precious energy fretting about your next makeup look. Palettes […]